Bitcoin idea
Friday, March 30, 2018 - 8:12 am

Here is an outside the box idea. Bitcoin (blockchain) farms can use vast amounts of electricity and produce digital tokens for their owners while costing communities higher electricity rates. My out of the box idea is to let these server farms use our electricity and in exchange they provide every resident within the local township all profits above what the rate of return the mining companies would have earned them if they had invested the money in the Dow Jones. But to incentivize these mining companies you could offer to let them keep a tiny bit more. The money to residents could be a dividend payment and the residents would be in a Master Limited Partnership. Each resident receiving “X” amount of shares. A stipulation being you must have lived in Massena a certain amount of years as well as other ideas to keep the community small and out of the hands of every person that would inevitably decide Massena is where they always wanted to live now that we have an Alaska style dividend check just for living here.