Youth rules at Colton 10-Mile Road Race
Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 11:45 am

COLTON -- Youth ruled this year at the 17th running of the Colton 10-Mile Road Race Jan. 26.

At race time it was 9 degrees F with cold, snow-globe-type snow showers and light wind. Roads were lightly snow covered over hard-packed snow and ice, making for a slow surface.

First-time runner in the event, 20-year-old New Hampshire resident and current Clarkson University student Seth Richardson captured the race in 1:01:38, the sixth-fastest time ever in the male 20-29 age group and 11th fastest ever overall.

Second overall was defending champion 22 year old Jake Erdman, a Clarkson graduate from Gouverneur, in 1:02:20, which is now the seventh-fastest time in the male 20-29 age group and 16th fastest ever overall. Third place finisher Jack Broderick of Victor, a current student at Clarkson University, ran 1:06:41, which places him at 48th fastest overall in course history.

On the women’s side, 29-year-old Victoria Lederer of Canton this year picked up her first win in 1:13:02, even though she has run several of the race’s fastest times in previous years. She finished fourth overall this year. Her time this year is the sixth-fastest in the female 20-29 age group and 17th-fastest overall for females. In a very close second to Victoria in the women’s race was another Clarkson student and first-time participant 20-year-old Kelsey Wenger of Orchard Park in 1:13:29, which places her ninth fastest in the female 20-29 age group and 20th fastest ever overall for women. Kelsey was also noted as the youngest female finisher. With a time of in 1:27:08, women’s third place went to an ever-improving local, 35-year-old Leslie Whitton of Hermon, whom race reporters Dan and Renee Dominie say has one of the busiest work / life schedules out there.

First-time race participant 51-year-old Darlene Yee of Sainte-Cecile-de-Masham, Quebec ran 1:27:40 to place fifth female overall and now eighth-fastest time in the female 50-59 age group.

Another first timer and youngest finisher was 13-year-old Lance Bradley of Norfolk who ran 1:24:22 for 14th place overall and 2nd place in the male 19 and under age group, a mere 6 seconds behind the age group winner, 19-year-old Matt Strempel of Marcellus.

The ever-inspirational Jean Bernaquez of Montreal, age 86, was the oldest competitor ever. with a time of 2:21:20. That is the sixth-fastest time recorded in the male 80 and over age group. This year's race also saw Jean’s close friend and traveling companion, 79-year-old Hugh Wilson of Dorval, Quebec, competing in his last Colton men’s 70-79 age group race, running 2:12:56 for second place in the division to age-group newcomer Peter Feickert of Canton, who ran 1:32:31, good for fourth fastest time ever in that age category.

Lyn Short of Canton, a 68-year-old local running legend, was the oldest female finisher and first in the female 60-69 age group in 1:47:31.

Story submitted by Dan and Renee Dominie

17th Colton Winterfest 10 Mile Road Race, 1/26/2019

51 finishers (28 male / 23 female)

1. Seth Richardson Potsdam NY (NH) 1:01:38 1of4 M20-29

2. Jake Erdman Gouverneur NY 1:02:20 2of4 M20-29

3. Jack Broderick Victor NY 1:06:41 3of4 M20-29

4. Victoria Lederer Canton NY 1:13:02 1of4 F20-29

5. Chad Colbert Potsdam NY 1:13:27 1of7 M40-49

6. Kelsey Wenger Orchard Park NY 1:13:29 2of4 F20-29

7. Shawn Spriggs Potsdam NY 1:13:43 2of7 M40-49

8. Paul Graham Canton NY 1:14:49 3of7 M40-49

9. Chris LaPoint Canton NY 1:16:00 4of7 M40-49

10. Gregory Calnan Sainte-Cecile-de-Masham PQ CA 1:20:30 1of6 M50-59

11. Dan Dominie Canton NY 1:22:04 2of6 M50-59

12. Josh Tupper Canton NY 1:22:58 4of4 M20-29

13. Matthew Strempel Marcellus NY 1:24:16 1of2 M19&under

14. Lance Bradley Norfolk NY 1:24:22 2of2 M19&under

15. Kent Fetter Norwood NY 1:24:53 3of6 M50-59

16. John (Marcy) Beaudette Morley NY 1:26:17 4of6 M50-59

17. Kevin Tupper Canton NY 1:26:19 5of7 M50-59

18. Leslie Whitton Hermon NY 1:27:08 1of4 F30-39

19. Ola Aldous Dekalb Jct. NY 1:27:24 2of4 F30-39

20. Darlene Yee Sainte-Cecile-de-Masham PQ CA 1:27:40 1of6 F50-59

21. Charlie Shene Canton NY 1:28:54 5of6 M50-59

22. Allen Kelly Rennselaer Falls NY 1:30:47 6of6 M50-59

23. Angela Villeneuve-Bronson Colton NY 1:31:22 1of6 F40-49

24. Peter Feickert Canton NY 1:32:31 1of3 M70-79

25. Alena Bicknell Potsdam NY 1:36:13 2of6 F50-59

26. Sara Bier Colton NY 1:37:03 2of6 F40-49

27. Jeff Maynes Canton NY 1:38:44 1of1 M30-39

28. Heather Mackinnon Ottawa ONT CA 1:38:50 3of6 F50-59

29. Wendell Lafave Williamstown ONT CA 1:40:22 1of4 M60-69

30. Debbie McDonald Ogdensburg NY 1:42:07 4of6 F50-59

31. Heather Aschenbrenner Canton NY 1:42:10 3of4 F20-29

32. Dave Morton Kanata ONT CA 1:43:07 2of4 M60-69

33. Tara Freeman Colton NY 1:43:28 3of6 F40-49

34. Peter Moody Cornwall ONT CA 1:45:12 6of7 M40-49

35. Sally MacDonald Rennselaer Falls NY 1:45:54 3of4 F30-39

36. Stephanie Plaisted Russell NY 1:45:55 4of6 F40-49

37. Charles Guy Colton NY 1:47:00 7of7 M40-49

38. Lyn Short Canton NY 1:47:31 1of3 F60-69

39. Sara Behuniak Canton NY 1:48:23 4of4 F20-29

40. Beth Colello Canton NY 1:49:20 5of6 F40-49

41. Dawn Kiddell Lancaster ONT CA 1:57:12 5of6 F50-59

42. David Thomas Massena NY 2:04:04 3of4 M60-69

43. Donna Magher Williamstown ONT CA 2:09:31 2of3 F60-69

44. Sheila Lafave Williamstown ONT CA 2:09:33 3of3 F60-69

45. Shondel Boyden Colton NY 2:10:00 6of6 F40-49

46. Hugh Wilson Dorvall PQ CA 2:12:56 2of3 M70-79

47. Larry Reynolds Massena NY 2:18:42 4of4 M60-69

48. Jean Beanaquez Montreal PQ CA 2:21:20 1of1 M80&over

49. John Warner Summerstown ONT CA 2:26:42 3of 3 M70-79

50. Katy Collette Massena NY 3:09:00 4of4 F30-39

51. Pendra King Massena NY 3:09:00 6of6 F40-49