YESeleven maps available on group's website
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 2:56 pm

YESeleven co-coordinators John Casserly, left, and John Danis discuss the possible route of the ‘Rooftop Highway’ at a YESeleven committee meeting recently in Canton.

The group is opposed to the Interstate-standard proposal called I-98, and supports enhancing US Route 11 as an alternative.

Since they first unveiled this map at the Sustainable Living Festival at the Canton Cornell Cooperative Extension Farm in September, they have publicized region-specific sections of this map on their website, They are on a Google map format that is fully navigable and zoomable so viewers can see as much detail as they please all along the Watertown-Plattsburg route.

The group retained the services of a cartographer and route planner to attempt to create an approximation of the route that an interstate highway would be likely to follow.

YESeleven, opposed to the Intertstate 98 idea for a highway across the North County, said the maps represent, within a mile or two, a well-informed prediction of where an interstate highway would have to go.