Trio named winners of gingerbread house contest in Canton
Monday, January 7, 2019 - 2:25 pm

“The Jolly Roger” was the winner of this year’s TAUNY gingerbread contest.

CANTON -- Visitors to The TAUNY Center in December cast their votes for their favorite entry in this year’s Sugar & Spice gingerbread contest.

The theme this year was “Myths & Fairytales.”

The winner is “The Jolly Roger” by Galen Oey-Langen, Diego Oey-Langen, and Lexi Stuntz.

The three gingerbreaders worked together to portray the final battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook in the story Peter Pan.

They constructed a ship using a mason jar as a mold, and baked their own pretzel sticks to make the masts.

The ship is rolling on an icing wave, while a gum drop crocodile rears out of the water.

Many visitors commented on the skillful use of materials in the construction, and the attention to details, said TAUNY director Jill Breit.