Town of Potsdam hopes former landfill could be used for municipal solar array
Friday, August 31, 2018 - 4:55 pm


POTSDAM -- The Town of Potsdam is hopeful that a parcel of land where an old covered and sealed landfill sits might turn out to have some value as a municipal solar power array site.

Town Supervisor Ann Carvill said the Reynolds Road landfill, "covered, sealed and unusable, unused for decades," is being considered for development that would leave the underlying brownfield-like site undisturbed.

In executive session, the Town Council saw a presentation for background on such a solar array development Wednesday night, Aug. 29, and after some discussion decided to take preliminary steps toward such a development.

In regular session, the council voted unanimously to seek a determination of fair market value of the land "to contemplate the notion of a lease" to any developer.

"If things move in a positive direction it could be of tremendous benefit for the town," Carvill said.

Other local municipalities, including Canton and Parishville, are considering similar solar generation projects.

Typically such developments are envisioned to supply the needs of a municipality to power buildings, water and sewer plants, and public works department garages.

"Of course the landfill is valueless right now. It will only have value if someone can make use of it," Carvill said.

The roughly 167-acre site east of Norwood will have less than that much usable land due to wetlands on the former landfill.

More details will be discussed at the town board’s next public meeting Sept. 11 at 6:30 p.m.