Temporary disruptions expected during big renovation project at Potsdam Public Library
Monday, January 13, 2020 - 1:06 pm

POTSDAM -- During renovation to the Potsdam Public Library this year, some programs will be disrupted temporarily, some with suspension and some with changes in location.

The most notable activity in the library this year is going to be the construction,” said Library Director Annie Chase.

“We believe it will be wrapped up by the end of August, but there will be interruptions in library access,” Chase said.

“Some programs will be suspended during construction, so we will focus on very basic services.”

The computer labs will continue to be accessible, so people can get online. The collections of books, magazines and other materials are being moved around a bit and consolidated to prepare for the work, but everything is still accessible.

“We will use some outside locations for children’s programs,” Chase said. For instance, Children’s Librarian Rebecca Donnelly is arranging to move some of them to Lawrence Avenue Elementary School this summer, and the summer reading program that was held at the Pine Street recreation program last year will be there again this year.

The monthly book club discussion will be in the Civic Center Community Room instead of the library, as will the knitting group, Chase said.

Other changes could be made as needed, and will be announced.