St. Lawrence County Multi-Use Trail open for everyone
Friday, July 20, 2018 - 9:13 am

The St. Lawrence County Multi-Use Trail is open for everyone’s enjoyment.

County Legislator Tony Arquiett, D-Helena, strongly encourages all users of the Multi-Use Trail System to follow all rules and regulations to insure that our outdoor activities can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The Trail Committee’s Bill Swafford also reminds trail users of rules for motorized vehicles while using the open trail:

• Only ATVs manufactured for the driver and one passenger are allowed.

• Ride quietly when around houses, campgrounds, and other non-riders. Keep the RPMs and speed low and steady.

• Always ride with someone else.

• When approaching an oncoming horseback rider, stop your vehicle, shut off your engine, take off your helmet and say hello. Avoid any sudden movements. Let the horse pass.

• When passing a horseback rider, alert the rider to your presence by calmly calling out that you wish to pass. The horseback rider should pull the horse over. If the rider has the horse under control, proceed on. If not, allow the rider to move the horse to a safe spot on the trail and then proceed.

• Avoid riding after heavy rains.

• Park your machine and walk to sensitive, historic, scenic, and cultural areas. Remember, be safe out there.