Seaway Tech in Norwood announces students with perfect attendance for fourth quarter
Monday, June 25, 2012 - 5:31 pm

NORWOOD -- Seaway Career & Technical Education Center has announced the 2011-2012 Quarter 4 Perfect Attendance roster.

They include:

Allied Health - A.M., Brynn M. Furnace

Allied Health - A.M., Katelyn E. Ross

Allied Health - P.M., Ashlyn L. Ashley

Automotive Technology 1, Aaron J. Deon

Automotive Technology 2, Jacob Beebe

Automotive Technology 2, Mason Billhardt

Automotive Technology 2, Aaron Clement

Automotive Technology 2, Cody DeLosh

Automotive Technology 2, Steven Hazelton

Automotive Technology Assistant 1, Bradey Malone

Automotive Technology Assistant 1, Thomas J. McGregor

Building Trades 1, Malcolm A. Hartson

Building Trades 1, Mark F. Maroney

Building Trades 2, Jon-Alec Connell

Building Trades 2, Simon LaShomb

Building Trades 2, Michael Mead

Career Prep, Bradey Malone

Computer & Business Technology 1, Justin Dobbs

Computer & Business Technology 1, Kristian Fino

Computer & Business Technology 2, Robert Clark

Computer & Business Technology 2, Marc McLaughlin

Computer & Business Technology 2, Daniel Trimm

Computer & Business Technology 2, Ryan Watson

Cosmetology 1, Jessica A. Burns

Cosmetology 1, Katelynn M. Smith

Cosmetology 2, Qaraline Guerard

Cosmetology 2, Katelynne Lanning

Cosmetology 2, Amanda Locey

Criminal Justice 1, John Patraw

Criminal Justice 1, Kameron M. Perry

Criminal Justice 2, Stephen Davis

Criminal Justice 2, Ryan Dean

Criminal Justice 2, Jeffrey Hammond

Criminal Justice 2, Brendan Tischler

Culinary Arts - Food Assistant 2, Christian Mossow

Culinary Arts 1, Tosha L. Caloren

Early Childhood Education 1, Chantelle P. Jones

Early Childhood Education 1, Shannon L. Ramsdell

Early Childhood Education 2, Jessica Foster

Environmental Technology 1, Jordan S. Dishaw

Environmental Technology 1, Alec T. Sloan

Environmental Technology 2, Kelsey Buhaj

GED, Kelsey Buhaj, Cody DeLosh, Johnathan Judware

HVAC/R 1, Daniel J. Fyckes

HVAC/R 2, Alexander . Gomes

HVAC/R 2, Jacob Steenberg

Health Careers 1, Taylor E. Bonno

Health Careers 1, Jordyn Y. Clothier

Health Careers 1, Kylie C. McKinley

Health Careers 1, Audrey L. Plourde

Health Careers 1, Brooke E. Rood

Health Careers 2, Mariah Kaiser

Metalworking 1, Ryan D. Brothers

Metalworking 1, Richard J. H. Curry

Metalworking 1, Caitlin J. Westcott

Metalworking 2, Johnathan Judware

Multi Occupations 1, Matthew J. Reynolds

Multi Occupations 1, Maurice L. Shattuck

Multi Occupations 2, William Murphy