Potsdam Town Council cuts hours of court peace officer position from 15 to up to 10 hours weekly
Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 5:54 am

North Country This Week

POTSDAM -- The Town Council cut the hours of the court peace officer position from 15 hours a week to up to 10 hours a week, unless circumstances require more.

Peace Officer Tim Rivers addressed the Sept. 10 regular meeting during the public comment period to express some consternation over what at that moment was only a proposal he had heard, because that left uncertainty about what his position would be and how many hours he would be working.

The board had gone into executive session earlier for a "discussion of the employment history of a particular person." Supervisor Ann Carvill said there would be a resolution related to that discussion afterward.

The resolution, approved unanimously, was introduced and said the position would be for "up to 10 hours/week unless unexpected or unusual circumstances arise and with the understanding that input from the Town Justices will be sought to fashion a job description."