Potsdam police retract warning of suspicious water line repair offer
Tuesday, December 25, 2012 - 12:10 pm

POTSDAM – Village police have retracted a statement issued earlier this month warning residents of a suspicious water line repair offer.

After receiving correspondence from attorneys representing Home Serve USA, police have retracted the Dec. 15 public address message concerning what was believed at that time to be a mass mailing scam.

Police said today in a prepared statement they now believe Home Serve USA is a legitimate business. However, the police department is not endorsing the insurance, the statement said.

“As with any other type of insurance, it remains the property owner’s responsibility to determine if the service is necessary and appropriate for their property,” police said.

Earlier, Chief Kevin Bates had encouraged anyone receiving the mailings to regard them as a scam and not to provide payment or credit card information.