Parishville Jeopardy! champ fails to retain position; final question only 'half right'
Monday, October 7, 2013 - 7:52 pm

Friday’s Jeopardy! champion from Parishville failed to retain her position on Monday’s TV show because her final question was only “half right.”

SUNY Canton librarian Cori Wilhelm, who walked away with $18,001 as winner on her first appearance Friday, ended up in third place Monday, winning just $1,000.

She was in second place going into final Jeopardy! with $10,200, $1,400 behind the first place contestant, Marc.

In response to the clue, “A Caveman-themed game in which “rocks” were thrown at other players led to the creation of this product in 1969,” she answered nerf gun.

The correct answer was nerf ball. The gun, host Alex Trebek noted, was invented about 25 years later.

Having bid $10,198 of her $10,200, she ended the evening with $2. Marc also had an incorrect answer – hackey sack, and landed in second place because he had bid $10,000 of $11,600.

The third contestant, Mary, who had trailed most of the game, won Monday’s contest and $7,100 because she was the only one with the correct answer.

Monday’s show was a “very even game,” Trebek observed at one point.

Wilhelm led after the first round with $3,400, compared with Marc who had $2,600 and Mary with $3,000.

During the segment when contestants chat with Trebek, he mentioned to Wilhelm that she has an “unusual dog.” Wilhelm said her dog is a potcake, a feral street dog from the Caribbean picked up by members of a rescue organization that saves them as puppies and adopts them out.

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