Ogdensburg will expand green space, reduce parking along city's waterfront
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 9:16 am


OGDENSBURG – City council gave consensus on a conceptual plan for the city’s waterfront that will add green space, reduce parking and allow utility vehicle access.

Ogdensburg City Council voted in April to borrow $4.3 million for repairs caused by flood damage last summer. The City has been awarded Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to cover 75 percent of the costs associated with the repairs.

Ogdensburg decided to use this opportunity to redesign its waterfront area. At a previous meeting the council agreed to add green space along the city’s waterfront as part of the restoration rather than repairing it to the previously existing state.

On Monday City Planner Andrea Smith presented a conceptual drawing, which include and expansion of grassy areas, a reduction in paved areas and fewer parking spaces.

The plan calls for 10 parking spaces which would likely have a one-hour time limit based on the councils conversations Monday, though nothing yet is set in stone.

The traffic circle located by the water would remain and would be widened to allow additional parking along it. A utility parking area for service vehicles would also be included to allow for fuel trucks and larger transportation vehicles to get access to visitors who make dock there.

The council is hopeful that adding green space will increase usage of the area’s water front access and make the city’s green belt more inviting.

No official action was taken Monday, but consensus on the early design allows the city planner and others to move forward with the plan. It is unclear when work on the project will begin.