Ogdensburg will bring Major League Fishing tournament to city
Saturday, February 1, 2020 - 8:30 am


North Country This Week

OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg will spend $50,000 to bring a Major League Fishing tournament to the city.

Speaking in support of the event prior to the vote were St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Director Brooke Rouse and Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce Director Laura Pearson.

The tournament is expected to draw thousands as it will be the only MLF Bass Pro Tour tournament in New York State.

Hosting the tournament comes with a $60,000 price tag, $10,000 of which St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce will pay.

All members of council agreed that the event was a big opportunity for the city. Ogdensburg has been working to increase tourism using the airport, museum and river as main attractions. Council is hopeful the tournament can build upon success seen in Waddington with the Bassmaster Elite Series.

The even will be televised, according to Pearson. She said the national exposure on television would be huge for Ogdensburg and would help the city become known as a destination for fishing.

Councilors agreed that $50,000 is a hefty price, but were confident the exposure and influx of guests would be well worth the cost.

Deputy Mayor John Rishe said he’d like to see events to coincide with the tournament, as has been done in Waddington.

Councilor Nichole Kennedy said to pass on such an opportunity would be to let the entire city down.

Councilor Dan Skamperle agreed.

“I say let’s make this happen,” he said.

Mayor Jeffrey Skelly said the tournament will benefit the city and the entire county.

“It’s a four-day weekend of revenue,” he said.

The event would run from June 26 to July 1 and feature 80 of the best anglers in the country.