Ogdensburg Diocese releases names of more than 20 priests accused of sexual abuse
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 11:40 am

OGDENSBURG -- The Ogdensburg Diocese has released the names of about two dozen priests who they have "reasonable grounds" to believe sexually abused a minor or vulnerable adult.

Many of them are dead.

The diocese on their website says all of those on the list are "Diocesan Priests removed from ministry and those who were deceased or left ministry prior to a finding of reasonable grounds by the Diocesan Review Board and/or the Diocesan Bishop due to sexual misconduct with a minor or vulnerable adult."

The list comes months after a Minnesota law firm released the names of eight priests who were either faced criminal charges, resigned or were re-assigned as a result of sexual abuse allegations. More details on the earlier report can be read here here.

The diocese in October released a report saying that have paid out nearly $5.5 million to 37 clergy sexual abuse victims. The report is here.

Bishop Terry LaValley, in a letter released this past weekend, addresses the decision to release the priests' names. Read the letter here.

The list of priests accused of sexual abuse includes:

Fay Ager

Joseph Conti (deceased)

Joseph Degen (deceased)

Robert Duford (deceased)

John Fallon (deceased)

Ronald Farchette

Bruce Favreau

Edward Franklin (deceased)

Theodore Gillette (deceased)

John Hunt (deceased)

Edwin Kennedy (deceased)

John Kennedy (deceased)

Emile Lalonde (deceased)

James Larche

Roger Martin (deceased)

Gerald McGrath (deceased)

Roland Menard

Liam O'Doherty

Albert Plante (deceased)

Gerald Sharland (deceased)

Robert Shurtleff

Thomas Squires

George Tobin (deceased)

Michael Toth

Clark White

John Wiley (deceased)

David Wisniewski

Paul Worczak