Ogdensburg council votes to auction Greene Street property after denying direct sale
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 5:49 am

North Country This Week

OGDENSBURG – After denying the direct sale of property of property at 416 Greene Street Feb. 1, Ogdensburg officials voted to put the property up for auction.

Ogdensburg resident and businessman John Wade had sought to purchase the property for $7,500.

In recent years Wade purchased the former Sherman Elementary School and turned it into the Sherman Inn.

The majority of council supported the sale including Mayor Jeffrey Skelly, Michael Powers, Nichole Kennedy and Daniel Skamperle, the resolution failed to pass as such sales require six affirmative votes from city councilors.

At that time Skamperle said he believed the city should approve the sale to Wade and then discuss putting properties out to bid in the future. He said the city had been working with Wade and to flip-flop on the deal could be a turnoff for those interested in doing business with the city.

However, Deputy Mayor John Rishe and councilors Bill Dillabough and Steve Fisher said the city should only sell properties via auctions.

On Monday Feb. 24, council voted to do just that with a starting bid of $7,500.

Because the property is going to auction rather than a direct sale, a legal notice must be posted for three weeks prior to the auction. Costs for the notices are estimated between $240 and $360 for the full three week run, according to City Clerk Cathy Jock.

City Manger Sarah Purdy said the auction for the property will be held March 11.