Norwood residents seek donations to restore historic fountain at former Norwood Union/Grade School
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 11:48 am

NORWOOD -- A group of Norwood residents seek donations to restore the historic fountain at the former Norwood Union/Grade School.

Save The Fountain recently launched a campaign on Adirondack Gives, Adirondack Foundation’s site for nonprofits, community groups and municipalities.

The goal is to raise $2,000.

The group are raising the money for a project to help fund the restoration costs to the over 100-year old fountain that sits in front of the old Norwood Union/Grade School, constructed in 1885 with the fountain installed shortly after.

The fountain has deteriorated since the mid 1990’s when all elementary school functions were moved to the Norwood-Norfolk Central School.

The money will be used for foundation cleanup, masonry work and restoring a water pump system to the fountain, according to Norwood Mayor Tim Levison.

“Save The Fountain evolved from the voices of current and previous Norwood residents interested in seeing the fountain restored,” Levison said. “The restoration of the fountain will also serve as a community enhancement for the village. The Village Board believes the future of Norwood should involve its past. The project is a great example of people giving back to the community.”

A crowdfund site will be live at for 52 days. They also have a page on Facebook.

Save The Fountain was founded on May 25 to work toward the restoration of the historic fountain.

Phase II of the project will be to create a park, with the iconic fountain returning to the glorious focal point it once was.