Norwood-Norfolk kids learn bus safety from 'Buster'
Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 9:03 am

NORWOOD -- The Norwood-Norfolk Elementary School had some visitors this month to help them understand safety around school buses.

Mrs. Burrows’ kindergarten class, shown in the photo above, was one of 12 classrooms that were visited by Mrs. Astrid Brislan, Buster the Bus, and Ms. Honey, a puppet.

Buster explained that school bus safety is very important, especially with young children.

The children were reminded how to enter and exit a school bus properly and of the importance of looking both ways before crossing a road.

All of the students received a coloring book on school bus safety along with a safety sticker.

Buster the Bus has been in this business for nearly 20 years and Norwood-Norfolk always appreciates his good work in helping children.

Mrs. Brislan, Buster and Ms. Honey are employed through Jefferson-Lewis County BOCES.