Norwood Norfolk High School students participate in annual Elective Fair
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 6:46 am

Students recently participated in the Elective Fair at Norwood Norfolk High School. Amy Robert | Norwood-Norfolk Central School


NORWOOD -- Students in grades 8-12 at Norwood Norfolk High School participated in the annual Elective Fair on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

During the Elective Fair, students move from room to room and learn about courses offered in the high school.

New York State requires students to earn 22 credit hours in addition to passing required Regents exams in order to be eligible for a diploma.

While there are many courses students are required to take, there is also room for students to have a choice in the 22 credit requirement.

Norwood Norfolk High School has developed a diverse course offering for students to explore their interests, said a press release from the school.

The high school offers AP courses, dual college credit courses, as well as distance learning courses.

Students should take a challenging, diverse curriculum to help them discover their interests and prepare them for college and career entrance exams.