North Lawrence horse sanctuary seeks donations for medical costs from saving four horses
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 5:27 pm

NORTH LAWRENCE -- A non-profit organization located in North Lawrence is seeking donations to aid in medical costs associated with saving four horses.

According to the organization’s website, A Little Bit of Heaven offers unwanted horses a number of alternative to slaughter, including adoption.

In an email sent to, A Little Bit of Heaven President Anne Woods said “sponsorship is an option for people who wish to help. We are in need of medical funds. There are four of the standardbreds that came in from the Pennsylvania kill pen that need extensive medical attention. At this time money is going out to feed and basic medical needs of all 26 horses.”

Woods is requesting the public’s assistance to help.

“We are in desperate need of medical funding. Any amount helps towards their medical bills and is greatly appreciated. All Donations are tax deductible as well. We can fix the medical problems of the 4 horses with your help! Generous donations of the public bailed them to safety and brought them here. Please consider sponsoring one of these horses or donate what you can. Everything counts.”

Woods also included information about the horses:

• Loaner Bluechip is an 8-year-old standardbred mare brought in from Pennsylvania kill pen once she had made bail. She has just been diagnosed with strangles and is now being treated with Bute and antibiotics.

• Woodmare Sandstone (Barn Name Destiny) is a 6-year-old standardbred mare brought in from Pennsylvania kill pen after making bail. She has either a shoulder or leg injury that only shows up at the jog. She needs Chiropractic care, x-rays and my need further medical attention after that. Gets Bute as needed.

• Sierra Lane is an 11-year-old standardbred mare brought in from Pennsylvania kill pen after making bail. Swollen back legs most likely a dropped suspensionary. Fetlocks keep hitting the ground. Special shoes will need to be ordered and put on her. She is going to need extensive medical care and further evaluations from experts.

• Bay Corleone (Barn Name: Gunner) is a 12 standardbred gelding brought in from Pennsylvania kill pen after making bail. He has an open puncture wound on his front right leg. He is on daily Bute and antibiotics to get the swelling down. Once he recovers from the massive infection he will need x-rays to evaluate damage done.

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