North Country Sen. Griffo supporting bill to help reduce number of unwanted live telemarketing calls
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 5:52 am

State Senate Deputy Minority Leader Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, is supporting a bill (S4777) passed by the state Senate that could help to reduce the number of unwanted live telemarketing calls.

The bill requires that telemarketers making live sales calls inform customers that they may request that their number be added to the seller's entity-specific do-not-call list. If the person opts to do so, the call must immediately end and the telemarketer must add the person's number to their do-not-call list. Telemarketers also would be prohibited from sharing a customer’s contact information with any other person, corporation or entity unless the telemarketer has obtained the customer’s consent in writing.

In the Assembly, the bill is in the Consumer Affairs and Protection Committee.

Griffo recently introduced a bill (S06018) that would mandate that telecommunications companies provide free call mitigation technology to their customers for the purpose of preventing fraudulent "spoofing" calls, which is when a caller deliberately falsifies the information that is displayed on caller IDs in an effort to disguise their identity. Telecommunications companies failing to implement this technology will face a $25,000 per day fine as a result of the bill.

This legislation is currently in the state Senate’s Energy and Telecommunications Committee.

Griffo represents the 47th Senate District, which includes a swath through the middle of St. Lawrence County, from Massena to Fine, including Potsdam, plus Lewis and Oneida counties.