Massena chooses Boutique Air as new provider; eyes flights to Albany, Baltimore
Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 11:40 am


MASSENA -- There will be a new airline flying out of Massena International Airport, pending approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The Town Council voted unanimously to hire Boutique Air as their new central air service provider.

They had been using Cape Air since 2008, which flies three times per day to Boston and Albany.

“They said it wasn’t an easy decision to make since Cape Air had established a history,” said Brenda Mossow, secretary and bookkeeper to the town supervisor’s office.

She said Cape Air’s contract expires April 1. Boutique Air made a presentation several weeks ago where they touted flights to Buffalo, Baltimore, Chicago, Boston or Albany. Mossow said although the DOT gets the final say on flight routes, the town is tentatively looking at Albany and Baltimore as their two main destinations. Town residents also had their chance to give opinions on the airline choice, and many of them preferred Boutique, according to Mossow.

“My understanding is at the public meeting, everyone was ready for a change, they feel it’s time for a change. Everybody appreciates Cape Air, but they want to better Massena and get more people to fly out of here. Cape Air’s been here since 2008. A lot of people also like Cape Air,” she said. “They were talking about the destinations … people still want to keep Albany because they feel that’s very important, the state capitol … being able to fly to a different destination. Looking at possibly one to Albany and one to Baltimore. Federal Aviation Administration has the final say.”

She said the board was partially swayed by Boutique’s planes, which are pressurized and come with more amenities.

“I do know Boutique has pressurized and can fly at a higher altitude, above the weather,” Mossow said. “They (town board) were talking about how the planes are made for comfort, and people that were at the public meeting were very impressed with Boutique Air. Plus there’s a bathroom on the plane.”

She said the board is looking at signing a two-year deal with the airline.

Boutique Air’s website is and phone number is 1-801-300-6321 or 1-855-268-8478.

Cape Air’s website is and phone number is 1-800-227-3247.