Louisville firefighters called back to garage blaze flareup
Friday, May 25, 2018 - 9:25 am


The garage in Lousville was ablaze when firefighters arrived. Photo by Brian Chisolm.


LOUISVILLE – The wooden half of a garage on State Rt. 37B was totally destroyed by fire Thursday and the metal half was severely damaged.

Firefighters were called back to the scene after they had returned to the station after Louisville Fire Department 1st Assistant Chief Pete Roberts returned to check on the garage and found it flaring up again.

No one was hurt but a few volunteers had to take break due to the heat of the blaze plus the 80-degree day.

Roberts said they were first called out at about 1:30 p.m. and the garage was “fully involved.”

The Massena Fire Department arrived first because a mixup about the address led them to believe the blaze was in Massena. The confusion was about Maple Street in Massena and Maple Street in Louisville, which is referred to as Rt. 37B there, Roberts said.

Massena hooked up its heavy truck to the lone hydrant near the scene, so Madrid firefighters responded with a tanker. Also on the scene were Waddington, North Lawrence and Norfolk fire companies.

“The garage was half destroyed,” Roberts explained. It had been made in two sections, he said, about half wooden and half metal, and the wooden half was the most heavily damaged.

Another “huge metal structure” nearby also caught fire but it was not badly damaged he said.

A house within 100 feet of the blaze was not damaged.

The Louisville volunteers had returned to the station at about 6:30 when Roberts reported the flareup. They returned to the station again not long afterward.