Lisbon man wins $66,000 at Queen of Hearts game at the Ogdensburg Moose Lodge
Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 2:49 pm

OGDENSBURG – A Lisbon man will take home nearly $66,000 after winning the Queen of Hearts game at the Ogdensburg Moose Lodge Tuesday.

Jerry Lancto was the lucky winner, but the lodge itself will also benefit from the recent frenzy.

Suspense had been building for weeks as the pot grew to more than $100,000 with just two cards left to be flipped.

The lodge was reportedly packed for the drawing at 7 p.m. and parking was tough to find on city streets.

Lodge Administrator Brian Mitchell said the Queen of Hearts is very important to the organization.

“It is going to allow us to give scholarships to graduating seniors. It is going to allow us to make building improvements. It also built our membership up and brought back members who haven't been in awhile,” he said.

The raffle games works like this:

• A bulletin board with random cards is hung.

• Each card is labeled with a number.

• Tickets are sold and players select a number from those remaining on the board.

• One ticket is pulled each week.

• If the correct number pulled reveals the Queen of Hearts, then the raffle ticket holder wins 60 percent of the pot. If not, the game rolls over to the following week.

The winner is responsible for taxes.

The Ogdensburg Moose Lodge located at 609 Pickering St. For more information call 315-393-3170.