Leak at Norwood dam raises concerns, but mayor says fix is underway
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 11:38 am



NORWOOD -- A leak in a dam at Norwood Lake is being repaired, but the leak has caused some concern in the village.

A man who didn’t want his name used brought photos of the leak to North Country This Week saying it appeared to be much worse than it was two weeks before, and was worried about a breach and the effect on his home downstream.

Mayor Tim Levison told us two weeks ago that “the integrity of the dam is fine.” The water level at the face of the dam has been lowered and will remain down while the repairs are made. He said Brookfield Renewable was undertaking repairs that he believed would be done by “late fall.”

The repairs will involve drilling out joints in the concrete and refilling them.

“We are finalizing the repair plans and are preparing for mobilization of our contractors,” said Brookfield spokeswoman Julie Pelletier. “Brookfield Renewable wants to assure the residents the integrity of the dam has not been compromised and is in stable condition.”

“The repair will consist of grouting and sealing the points of seepage,” she said.

“With many repair jobs, a good deal of preparation and planning is needed before the repair work can begin, much of which requires us to work closely with state and federal agencies. Our priority is to move quickly and complete the work as soon as possible with the intention of keeping the impoundment at its current level throughout.”

Pelletier said “we appreciate the public’s patience and apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing.”