Jobless rate down to 9.2% in St. Lawrence County in May
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 2:48 pm

The unemployment rate in St. Lawrence County in May was down more than half a point from the month before, and by more than a point from a year ago, according to preliminary figures from the state Department of Labor today.

In May the jobless rate in the county was 9.2 percent, down from 9.8 percent in April, and down a full point, from 10.2 percent, in May 2012.

Those figures translate to 4,400 officially out of work in May, while 4,700 people were jobless in April, and 4,900 in May 2012.

The number of people with jobs in the county stood at 43,300 in May, compared with 42,900 in April and 43,400 in May 2012.

The rate also declined substantially in nearby Franklin County to our east, and also in our neighboring county to the west, Jefferson.

Franklin County’s rate declined from 9.8 percent in April to 8.9 percent for May, and is down from the 9.5 percent reported for May 2012.

In Jefferson County, May’s 9 percent rate was down from 10.2 percent in April, and down from 9.6 percent in May last year.

The new numbers are yet to be adjusted for seasonal variations, the DOL said.