Meeting tonight at Lisbon Central School will focus on proposed $10 million capital projects
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 1:37 pm

LISBON – Lisbon Central School District voters will have an opportunity to hear about two proposed capital projects tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the school auditorium.

Both projects will be on the ballot May 21. An 8.3 million renovation includes a variety of improvements to the school’s roof, bathrooms, classrooms, elevators, gym and variety of other areas.

The second $1.7 million project would create a two-story community use fitness center.

Combined the projects would raise the tax rate by more than $1 per $1,000 of assessed property value.

• The first proposition includes $8.3 million in building renovations to build upon the work done in the previous capital project.

The major scope of work will include things like classroom upgrades, floor and wall finishes in corridors, auditorium upgrades, roof replacement, addition of a multifunctional learning lab, band and chorus room relocation, bleacher replacement in large gym, toilet room upgrades, elevator replacement, air handling unit replacement, window replacement, and a parking addition.

Proposition one also includes improvements through an Energy Performance Contract, which will improve energy efficiencies for a sustainable future. This includes lighting upgrades, exhaust fans replacement, and a new back-flow preventer.

• The second proposition, contingent on approval of the first proposition, totals $1.7 million and covers the costs of a new community fitness center. The school is the heart of the community, and the fitness center will be free and open to the public. This proposition includes a brand new two-story community-use fitness center with an addition off the existing courtyard.

The fitness center will overlook the high school gymnasium and include new internal stairs and new air conditioning.

The fitness center will continue the district’s efforts to be a leader in community wellness, by promoting healthy activity and exercise.

The project will be funded by the District’s State Building Aid ratio, which is currently 94.1% of approved expenses.

Proposition 1 will have an estimated tax impact of $0.61 per $1,000.

Proposition 2 will have an estimated tax impact of $0.41 per $1,000.