Inactive Boy Scout troop being revived in Massena
Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 5:19 pm


MASSENA – An inactive Massena Boy Scout troop is being revived and is seeking new scout members.

“The troop has been out of commission for a few years, and now that we have the Cub Scout troop back up and running, we have a few boys moving up this year with no place to move up to,” said Joanne Cichetti.

A pair of recruitment nights have been set, starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 29, at the Massena Community Center, 61 Beach St.

“We are in the process of re-establishing the charter” of the inactive Massena Boy Scout Troop 41, said Cichetti.

“We have confirmation from the council that the number is still available, and we want to use that one to keep the history going. We won't be able to sign the charter until we have at least five boys signed on, and at this point we only have two Webelos moving up” from Cub Scouts, she said.

At the recruitment meetings, “We will give the boys and parents a presentation about Boy Scouts, talk about all the camping trips we are going to be going on, and will be able to sign boys right up that night,” Chichetti said.

“We are also going have some hands-on project for the boys to do...and some Boy Scout-oriented games. We will have a tent set up like a real Boy Scout campsite for display. We will be serving Boy Scout popcorn and drinks.”

If parents miss the meetings but are still interested, they can email Neil Cichetti at [email protected], or leave a message at 764-1121.

The Cub Scouts, from Pack 31, are using the First United Methodist Church in Massena as our their base organization, and the Boy Scout troop would also.