Gasoline mistakenly added to diesel fuel tanks at Ogdensburg Nice N' Easy, damaging unknown number of vehicles
Friday, August 15, 2014 - 9:25 am


OGDENSBURG -- Ogdensburg Nice N’ Easy, 117 New York Ave., has refused to comment on reports that diesel fuel at the station was polluted with gasoline Aug. 1 and sold to customers for several days.

The fuel was delivered by Gillbuilt Transportation, LaFargville, on Aug. 1. It is unclear how many days the polluted diesel fuel was sold.

Jill Nuffer, owner of Gillbuilt Transportation, said it was an unfortunate incident, which she says has “already been remedied.”

Nuffer did not say how the company was handling complaints. It is currently unknown how many vehicles were damaged by the gasoline.

“Accidents happen. We did not catch it at the time it was delivered. Unfortunately (Nice N’ Easy) didn’t catch it right away either,” Nuffer said.

Nuffer offered an apology to customers who were affected by the mishap. She said complaints over the polluted fuel from Nice N’ Easy should be directed to Nice N’ Easy.

Phone numbers for the store are 393-3300 in Ogdensburg or 783-0982 in Watertown.

“I do apologize to any upset customers,” she said.

An Ogdensburg woman, who wished to remain anonymous due to fear that the company would refuse to pay for damages, said her vehicle began malfunctioning after she filled it with diesel fuel from the store on Aug. 3.

She said the store manager, who identified himself to as Chris LeClair, confirmed that the incident had taken place on Aug. 1.

“My biggest problem is that they didn’t make the public aware,” she said. “They didn’t notify people.”

An Ogdensburg-area auto dealership and service station also confirmed that they had performed work on vehicles that were reportedly damaged by polluted fuel sold at Nice N’ Easy.

Repeated attempts to seek comment from Nice N’ Easy and its parent company Valentine Stores, Watertown, were refused.

After several unsuccessful attempts to reach a media representative, LeClair stated he had spoken with his bosses and they did not wish to comment on the incident.

Kim Harten, a spokeswoman for the company, later promised a comment regarding the incident, then faxed the following statement to

“We are still investigating the facts around the situation and are not able to comment further until we gather more information.”

Calls to Ms. Harten and Valentine Stores have since gone directly to voicemail.

Nice N’ Easy did not confirm that the polluted diesel fuel had been sold.