Friends of Hepburn Library of Norfolk dedicate new sign
Monday, October 10, 2011 - 9:13 am

NORFOLK -- Friends of the Hepburn Library of Norfolk dedicated their new sign recently.

The old sign had finally given up and needed to be replaced. The Library Board asked the Friends if they could fund the new sign.

At the ceremony, library director Vicky Brothers gave special thanks to Harold Villnave Jr.

Once it was decided to have a sign built, a craftsman was needed to turn the plan into reality, and Harold was that person. After painstakingly making the sign, he donated his time and effort as a contribution to the library and the town.

Other were praised for their efforts to help with the project. Tim Opdyke, Friends president, thanked highway superintendent Larry Villnave and his staff doing the heavy lifting. They provided the concrete for the base and helped install the sign. A planter box was added to the base through the generous efforts of Malcolm Starks. He did the masonry for the brick work. He also spoke at the ceremony.

The sign was dedicated to the memory of Glenn Pernice. Malcolm shared some examples of Glenn's love of the library, membership in the Friends Group, and his helpful and friendly nature.

Upon Glenn?s death he had bequeathed a substantial amount of money to the Friends. Some of that money was used to pay for the materials for the sign.

It had taken a number of years to find a suitable use for these funds that was in keeping with his love for the library. The new sign proved to be just the right thing.