Firm filing 200 sex abuse lawsuits, including 10 involving the Ogdensburg Diocese
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 1:38 pm

OGDENSBURG – On Wednesday in New York City and throughout the State of New York, the law firm of Jeff Anderson & Associates will file over 200 lawsuits under New York’s new Child Victims Act (CVA) on behalf of survivors who were sexually abused as children by clergy members in New York.

This includes 10 such cases involving the Ogdensburg Dioces.

“This is a momentous time for courageous survivors who have waited so long for justice in New York,” said attorney Jeff Anderson of Jeff Anderson & Associates, who represents child sexual abuse survivors in New York and throughout the United States. “They now have an opportunity to take back power stolen from them when they were kids and start to heal.”

These courageous survivors are able to file the lawsuits under the CVA’s one-year window provision, which gives survivors of child sexual abuse one year to bring lawsuits in cases that were previously barred by the statute of limitations, no matter when the abuse occurred. The one-year window takes effect Wednesday. The CVA was signed into law in February 2019.

Anderson said his firm is also filing lawsuits on behalf of survivors of abuse by various other perpetrators, including Boy Scout leaders, teachers, doctors and clergy of various denominations. Most of the lawsuits will name as defendants the institutions that enabled the perpetrators.