Canton school taxes to rise 1.12% with budget approval
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 2:57 pm


CANTON -- Canton Central School District taxes will increase 1.12 percent following approval Tuesday of a $28.4 million budget.

Superintendent Bill Gregory said the tax rate increase is “probably the lowest property tax increase in years.”

After several years of cuts, the district this year is able to add back about half a dozen faculty and staff members, “and we were able to do that despite the small tax increase,” he said. “It’s nice to receive the support of the public for the important work we’re doing.”

The state was more generous this year with aid for schools across the state after rounds of cuts since the economic decline that began about eight years ago.

The budget passed easily in voting Tuesday, 286-70.

Also on the budget was a proposition to purchase three school buses, which was approved 285-71, and a proposition aiding Canton libraries, approved 263-90.

Incumbent school board members Angelique Santimaw and Keith Rosser and new candidate Michelle Meyers were all approved by voters.

“Turnout was relatively low,” compared with other budget votes, Gregory said.

“I think that’s the case when there’s no large concern by the public,” he said.