Beaches in Potsdam and Hannawa to close a week earlier than planned due to lack of staff
Monday, August 12, 2019 - 5:25 pm

POTSDAM -- The beaches at Sandstoner Park, Pine Street, and Postwood Park, Hannawa Falls, will close a week earlier than planned.

Those beaches will close for the season at 5 p.m. Aug 18, according to a post on the Potsdam Recreation Facebook page.

The closure is due to staffing issues as many of the lifeguards will be heading to college, the recreation department said.

The recreation program and swimming lessons, which began July 8, will not be impacted. They are slated to end on schedule this Friday, Aug. 16.

The beach at Sandstone Park opened later than usual this year due to strong currents at the time. Attempts to string ropes at the beach at Sandstoner Park were unsuccessful in mid-June because of the currents.