Potsdam police blotter, Feb. 12
Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 10:49 am

0617 Traffic Stop on Maple Street

0726 Larceny complaint on Washington Street

0833 Harassment complaint received

0854 Traffic control on Maple Street at Sandstone Drive and Pine Street

1033 Parking problem on Washington Street

1053 School check completed

1354 Property damage accident on Elm Street

1420 Property damage accident on Market Street

1424 Harassment complaint received

1430 Traffic stop on Lawrence A venue

1457 Assist citizen on Main Street

1611 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to a call

1701 Handicap parking placard issued

1753 Assist Potsdam Fire with a call

2018 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to a call

2021 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to a call

2048 Traffic Stop on Larnard Street

2107 Domestic on Hamilton Street

2137 Traffic Stop on Main Street

2228 Traffic Stop on Potsdam Drive

2238 Traffic Stop on Sandstone Drive

2243 Traffic Stop on Clarkson A venue

2300 Potsdam Police Assist EMS with a call on Grant Street

2303 Potsdam Rescue dispatched to a call

2324 Animal Complaint on Grant Street