SUNY Canton professor fighting cancer honored by students
Monday, April 15, 2013 - 2:24 pm

To the Editor:

To all of us in the fight against Cancer I would like to share the following message received from a student upon my return last week to SUNY Canton, I am grateful to have had so much support from the students, faculty and administration through these difficult times. The phone calls, emails and cards have all been greatly appreciated, the North Country is truly fortunate to have SUNY Canton and all that it brings to our community, great students, faculty, and leadership to our community and above all else a level of compassion for their people rarely found by many employers these days.

The letter follows:

On behave of all of Robert Burnett’s students and faculty at SUNY Canton we want to welcome Mr. B back to SUNY Canton, you have been sorely missed by your students and faculty and we’re all very happy to see you back and doing well. For many of us it has felt as though one of the team members was missing for the past semester and we could feel the loss of your presence like some force or energy was missing from Nevaldine, we have missed your constant smile and friendly conversations in the hallways, your always positive attitude and general willingness to help anyone one and everyone who you can. It’s rare these days to find someone who loves their job and much as he does and it shows in every class he teaches.

He treats all the students like each one of us is the most important one in the class no matter how strong or weak a student is he will not give up on anyone until you learn what he is teaching.

Mr. B. will always do anything he can to help you and is a master of his profession like no one else I have ever met.

You’re truly one of a kind and we all know you can you beat this rotten disease, if anyone can beat brain cancer Mr. B can. Remember you will always have a family here, we’re all here to help anyway we can. Anyone who knows Mr. Burnett knows how much he loves his wife and daughter more than anything in the world, I hope for their sake he will beat this for good and he needs them now more than ever.

He is living proof cancer is so unfair, it strikes some of the best and strongest people at any age, healthy or not, no one is safe but keep fighting because a cure will come someday.

Robert Burnett, SUNY Canton Faculty