Opinion: Wind project is clearly all about the money, says Potsdam resident
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:10 am


To the Editor:

In response to “Town is Getting Screwed Over by Council Members,” which appeared in April 4-10 issue of North Country This Week: 1. Many pro wind people have suggested from day one that it is "not about the money" yet now we keep hearing about the millions, (which by the way has grown from 30 to 38 some how), which we would loose. So is it about the money now?

2. Every tax payer in the state, no the country has the right to voice an opinion on the wind farm as a large portion of the cost of this project is subsidized by state and federal government funds, which is all tax payers dollars!

3. According to the dictionary, the definition of a bribery is the giving or offering of a bribe. The definition of a bribe is something that serves to induce or influence. The offer to pay 75% of electrical bills maybe could be considered not a bribe had it not been offered just days before it looked like a wind law was going to be voted on. Comparing it to employee benefits is just crazy! Employees work for those benefits, the people getting some of their electrical bill paid for are just receiving this money out of Avanigrid's kindness? Why was this offer not made 5 years ago, even a year ago?

4. As for not allowing turbines south of route 72. Is that not part of the zoning process? There has to be a designated area for everything. Ask anyone in high dollar suburbs, do they want a Walmart or taco bell between them and their neighbors? No that is why they have zoning, this is no different. There must be a defined area.

Dan Helfter