Opinion: Vote yes on $1,000 library aid increase in Norwood, library trustee says
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 9:55 am


To the Editor:

I would like to invite my friends and neighbors to come out on Tuesday, May 22, to say yes to the very small library tax increase proposed by the Norwood Public Library Board of Trustees.

Our library is asking for an additional $1,000 to maintain the current excellent level of service that we now enjoy. That means an increase of approximately .84 cents per $100,000 of assessed property value.

I moved to Norwood in 1980 - my first job was as a library clerk, under the direction of Susan Lyman. I have watched our neighborhood library evolve; from a repository for books and information, to its present role as a community hub.

We now have the opportunity to use the computers, borrow canning equipment, sign out a pass to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, join a book club, participate in a teen advisory group, sign out a Wi-Fi hot spot, bring our children and grandchildren to story hour, craft activities, partake in numerous classes and workshops, and of course, borrow books. We also have free access to over 500 online classes through Universal Class, which I have taken advantage of and enjoyed.

When I walk into the library, the enthusiasm of staff, patrons, and volunteers of all ages invigorates me. I can hear laughter, view people in chairs reading, and give an occasional pet to a puppy that has been brought in for socialization. I am proud that we have such a vibrant library, and proud of our community, for supporting it.

We are fortunate to have the great staff that we do, who are constantly looking forward, in an effort to keep us current and informed.

Maureen Triolo

Friends of the Norwood Public Library treasurer