Opinion: Support for Colbert is not misguided, Hopkinton resident says
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 8:33 am

In response to “Opinion: St. Lawrence County Needs New Leadership with Candidate like Arquiett, Waddington man say” which appeared online Nov. 1: I have no interest in an argument, however, my support of Chad Colbert is not misguided. I know that Chad will represent the interests of all residents of the county, yes, even including Christians, Boy Scouts and "owners of vegetable stands", as well as union workers.

More research would indicate that Mr. Zagrobelney's probably meant-to-be-disparaging "owners of vegetable stands" remark was incorrect. I guess my Facebook page isn't clear to those checking it out that we don't have a vegetable stand, but that we proudly grow specialty produce for high-end resorts in the Adirondacks. Non-union work for sure but highly respectable, honest work.

Mr. Zagrobelney suggests I should look around the area and see all that organized labor has done. Just because I may have soil under my fingernails during the growing season does not mean that my head is stuck in the sand.

I have no argument with unions. Several of my loved ones, as well as Chad Colbert's, are union members. I would never throw my loved ones "under the bus". The issue is the financial support, not simply the endorsement, from unions to candidates who might then represent these same unions in negotiations with the county.

I know that is pretty much standard procedure for unions and nothing is going to change that. While it is the right of the unions to do that and the right of members to support anyone they want, it is my right to express my opinion that I feel it is unethical and will support candidates who do not accept union money.

I just wanted to set a few facts straight. Surprised to see that this old "dirt farmer's" opinion could cause such interest.

Meribeth Richael