Opinion: Stefanik's win over Cobb was anything but easy, Edwards resident says
Wednesday, January 2, 2019 - 11:10 am

Read with interest a story on your excellent news website from WWNY 7News entitled “A Look Back at 2018 in the North Country.”

The story mentioned that, “In a year dominated by politics, North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik easily escaped the Democrats takeover of Congress. Stefanik’s double digit victory in November won her a third term.

At the risk of being picky, I’d like to point out that the Democrats did not take over Congress. They did well in the House, not so well in the Senate. Furthermore, I think “double digit” means two digits. 10 -99 are double digits and Stefanik did better than that.

My biggest problem however, is the stories implication that Elise “easily” won the election. Tedra Cobb, in spite of incredibly tough demographic issues, a lack of PAC and DCCC funding, and a barrage of mean spirited, malicious, attack ads made possible by RNC and special interest money, rendered the Stefanik campaign anything but easy.

I’m so grateful to Tedra Cobb for working so hard, against formidable odds, on my behalf, and I know that thousands of my North Country neighbors share that gratitude. Thanks Tedra!

Jerry Senecal