Opinion: Stefanik owes her constituents answers, says St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee
Friday, November 29, 2019 - 8:45 am

In a self-serving play to gain notoriety within the Republican Party, Elise Stefanik continues to be used by the Trump administration as a distraction from the truth. Last week, she embarrassed the North Country with her impish tirade against Congressman Adam Schiff, a well-respected attorney, Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and one of the lead investigators in the impeachment inquiry against the President.

The main problem with Stefanik’s tantrum? She simply didn’t understand the rules of procedure. Or, maybe she did, and she simply didn’t care. Either way, the Halls of Congress are no place for petty and immature petulance. There’s more than enough of that taking place on Pennsylvania Avenue right now.

True to the oath he pledged, Congressman Schiff is attempting to uncover the truth about what transpired between the President of the United States and various Ukrainian leaders and, further to the point, determine whether those actions constitute treason or another impeachable offense. Most of the other committee members are doing the same, as they should. Simply stated, Congresswoman Stefanik is not. As the Editorial Board of the Glens Falls Post Star recently wrote, Stefanik is nothing more than a “loyal mouthpiece for Trump’s talking points”.

This is not simply a disservice to the North Country and the people who elected her; it’s a disservice to our country. She continues to violate her oath of office and she shows no remorse for doing so. But why? Why would an up and coming elected official sink to such a low? Has she been promised something by the President in return for providing a distraction? The President is now being investigated for a possible pay to play scheme involving an ambassadorship that is similar to crimes committed by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Is she party to a similar scheme?

As the impeachment inquiry against President Trump continues, Elise Stefanik owes the people of her district answers. Stefanik has a sullied reputation for evading the independent-press and refusing to answer tough questions while openly deriding journalism as “Fake News”. It’s time for Elise Stefanik to sit down with journalists here in the 21st Congressional District and provide answers to the tough questions we all deserve answers to. Real ones.

St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee

Mark Bellardini, chair; Mike Zagrobelny, vice chair; and Jennie Bacon, corresponding secretary, St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee