Opinion: Solar is better option than wind, says West Stockholm resident
Monday, April 16, 2018 - 9:15 am

To the Editor:

If our neighbors in Hopkinton want "green energy" and income from power generation there are plenty of solar farm development corporations willing to write similar contracts to install a solar farm on their land.

Solar panels (PV, photovoltaics) need to be mowed under twice a year and fences need to be maintained. Solar panels are low to the ground, out of view; are completely silent; vibration free; town and neighbor conflicts are avoided; they are safe for animals and birds; easy to dismantle after their 40+ year life span; and contribute to the tax base. I suggest everyone (schools, town, farms) research this alternative to learn more.

I believe most people are in favor of a much more restrictive wind law and overlay zone that does not expand to south of State Route 72.

I am sure our fellow citizens also want any corporation to pay their fair share of taxes. Say no to PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreements. Stewarts in Potsdam pulled out as soon as the tax incentive expired, and now it sits abandoned.

Who will pay for decommissioning of wind towers in 20 years? I called the industrial wind company in Lowville and they said the turbines last about as long as a car. You just keep throwing parts at it until it’s not worth it.

If the industrial wind company, Avangrid, paid its full share of taxes, then home values would go up!

Taxes would be very low, or generate income for residents, and then you have an incentive or a compromise for such an industrial intrusion on our communities.

I believe an obvious starting point is to have several certified public accountants run the numbers and do comparison studies of full taxation vs. PILOT on land taxes and school taxes both combined and separate for 5, 10 20 years projections.

Has this been done? Solar makes much more sense, every way you look at it, than industrial wind!

Richard Paolillo

West Stockholm