Opinion: Shame on trustees that want pot law passed, says Canton resident
Friday, July 12, 2019 - 10:34 am

Shame on the trustees that want legalization of marijuana passed. All you are thinking about is the money it will bring in.

All of you made a big thing out of people smoking a cigarette and vaping. How terrible that is to do and with our young people.

Don't you think for a moment that young people will be into marijuana in a big way if it is legalized. They put this in candy, brownies, cookies and whatever.

Little children will be into to this, pregnant women will be giving birth to babies after using pot.

Our health insurance will skyrocket to accommodate all the effects of using. Where are your heads?

Shame on all of you for putting the all mighty dollar before the health of all people and children.

Dorene Dewey