Opinion: Sensible NYers should voice opposition to legal weed, says Hammond resident
Monday, January 7, 2019 - 9:16 am

As a longtime North Country resident I was intrigued by the idea that the former Diamond National site would be suggested as a future concert venue.

Having lived on two occasions in Ogdensburg, and as a frequent visitor and shopper in the city, I was under the impression that the Greenbelt by the St. Lawrence River, and along Riverside Avenue was, and still is, an ideal place for outdoor activities including live concerts.

In response to the Dec. 22-28 Letter to the Editor titled “Concert is not answer to Ogdensburg’s Problems,” the author, who lives in the neighborhood near the Diamond National site, voiced several concerns of hers including having to deal with intoxicated concertgoers and drivers. That is a real concern for all, as many concertgoers like to imbibe alcohol while listening to music and requires diligent enforcement by the Ogdensburg City Police to prevent public intoxication.

I, for one, do not see the problem getting any better once Governor Andrew Cuomo pushes through his fantastical idea for legalized recreational marijuana use. The ramifications of legal recreational pot are many and, I believe, will far outweigh any expected tax revenue.

The states which have already legalized recreational marijuana have learned the hard way that there is a large price to pay in the way of increased accidents, higher insurance rates, and increased use of pot by young people whose brains are not fully developed yet. Here's an idea: How about forcing our government to live within their means, and quit unnecessary spending, which is something we ordinary citizens have to do all the time. It's called living within your budget.

I urge all sensible New Yorkers to oppose the move to legalize recreational marijuana. Contact Governor Cuomo, and your local and state representatives today, and voice your concerns.

Dave Ellis