Opinion: Residents screwed over trash vouchers, Massena resident says
Friday, July 12, 2019 - 10:35 am

As a citizen of this great Town of Massena, I am wondering if the leaders of our town and the people who put forth the plan to use garbage vouchers instead of a free pickup week realized how it screwed over the people.

By having them change the system while having no concrete way to reach everyone in the town, these changes have effectively hurt the people who utilize this process.

Making people go get a voucher, then submit the voucher by bringing the garbage to the dump shows that the leaders may have not taken into account that a lot of people do not have or can not reach adequate transportation, let alone one that can haul trash, especially the trash put out on garbage day, may be next to impossible.

Way to go Massena for not thinking about the citizens that are in your town, the services they use, and communicating with them in a clear and proper manner. That's how you fulfill terrible changes in policy.

Jeffry Wilson