Opinion: Replace Stefanik with experienced candidate, says former St. Lawrence University VP for Finance
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 8:22 am

To the Editor:

I was once impressed by the smart young woman that is our Congressional representative in the 21st District. I thought her energy, drive and ambition would serve her well in representing her constituents.

But I’m afraid we can no longer wait for Elise Stefanik to gain sufficient experience to understand that diverting funds from food stamps to ‘provide a path out of poverty for the families it benefits’ takes food off those North County families’ tables and provides them with slim to no chance of making it out of poverty.

We can’t wait for her to see that putting ‘school resource officers’ in our schools doesn’t stop gun violence in schools or elsewhere in northern New York. We can’t wait for her to grow a backbone and vote her conscience when it comes to the Adirondack region’s environment and sign the Democratic led resolution to oust EPA head Scott Pruitt. I’m afraid we can’t wait for her to understand that party loyalty is not a guide post for representing her constituents.

So it is time that we replace Ms. Elise Stefanik with someone who does have the experience to understand what it takes to represent the constituents of the NY 21st District.

Tedra Cobb has 30 years of service in her community as a legislator, a healthcare advocate and a small-business person. She has lived the experiences that are affected by actions in Congress. She understands the realistic implications of the actions Congress takes.

I’ve known Tedra since she was a county legislator and I was the VP for Finance at St. Lawrence University, but only recently got to know her better as I myself became politically active for the first time in my life. Talk to Tedra and you learn that she is a listener.

You will come to believe her when she says she will work to build bridges across the various divides that exist in our political arena today.

Watch Tedra building her grassroots campaign and you’ll see a tireless, capable individual who understands the issues and will advocate for the interests of her constituents across the North Country. Get to know her and you will see a person who can protect our way of life and help grow the region to the benefit of all.

Vote for Tedra Cobb in the Democratic primary June 26.

Kathryn L. Mullaney

Former VP for Finance, St. Lawrence University