Opinion: Remington Museum membership drive gaining momentum in Ogdensburg
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 1:07 pm


The Frederic Remington Art Museum’s Spring Membership Drive is in full force. In the gaining momentum, membership has tipped over 500 members, expanding to members from over 30 states and extending well into Canada. A third of our members live out of state. Membership is one of the most important ways to support the museum's mission. It has the biggest impact on the museum's ability to thrive.

Remington member Jim Begeron says, "I will continue to support the Remington Art Museum, years ago it was a Memorial. I first visited it in the 1940’s when school children were taken as a class to visit the finest artist in the world as far as I was concerned. Now I never miss an opportunity to visit whenever I am in Ogdensburg – my hometown even though the Air Force sent me to all places in the world. Even though I am retired in Colorado, I renew my membership every year and spread the word about the museum whenever I can. I look forward to my next visit.”

Membership has many benefits not only to the member but to preserving history. It helps sustain a historical record of time and allows people to experience a better understanding of different cultures. “We support the FRAM because we believe that the museum does essential work to build the stature of Frederic Remington, keeping his spirit as a great American artist alive for future generations. If you love the art of the American West like we do, support for the museum is important even if you visit only once every few years. The scholarship and information developed by the museum and its participation in exhibitions and programs transcend Ogdensburg where the museum is located and supports the efforts of the entire American art community nationally and internationally. We hope others will join with us to help continue the work of this fine museum,” states Remington members Bruce and Janet Eldredge of Bothell, WA.

Our museum members are special. Membership connects you, near or far, to a community of people inspired to care about Remington's work.

So wonderfully put by Tom Phillips of Mississippi, “I'd be a member no matter where I lived (now in Mississippi) or where Remington museum was located. Fred's art transcends distance.”

The newly revised membership program has drawn nearly 100 new members since it was approved by the Board of Trustees April 24, 2019. The Spring membership drive will culminate on July 24th with a grand member benefit, an invitation to a new annual party at the museum, the 1st Annual Remington Reunion Celebration. The event will be held from 5 PM – 7PM on the 24th, is open to members and donors at $35 per person, and their guests at $40. The hors d’oeuvre reception, which includes wine and beer, will be catered by the Grand View. It will be a great chance to see old friends and meet fellow museum supporters.

Sign up to become a member or RSVP for the Remington Reunion on our website at www.fredericremington.org or call the museum at (315) 393-2425.

Shannon Ghize, administrative aide

Frederic Remington Museum