Opinion: Reenactors thankful for successful battle in Ogdensburg
Monday, March 11, 2019 - 7:33 am

On behalf of the Forsyth’s Rifles Reenactors and The Fort La Presentation Board we would like to thank the City of Ogdensburg and businesses for their assistance in making this years Battle of Ogdensburg a great success. We would like to give our thanks to the National Guard and Army ROTC Cadets for providing street security, ensuring the safety of the spectators. We had compliments from the reenactors who came to participate. It should be noted that without this assistance the event would be very difficult to undertake.

The event is possible also due to the dedication of the volunteers of both Forsyth’s and the Fort la Presentation Board. We organize and plan the event. We feed the reenactors, promote the event to the best of our ability in various media. We had great weather on Saturday, we had eager participants, and were seen by some hearty souls who came out. Thank you

In addition to the battle we provided presentations and activities at the Sherman Inn. Including displays of period military equipment, in addition to the day to day articles which may have been found in private homes during this period. A presentation of a veteran of the battle and period dance in the evening on Saturday.

The reenactors seen in the pictures displayed on Facebook and the local news media were not all citizens of Ogdensburg. Some of the reenactors who came to our city to honor and remember the struggle that transpired here, came from a long distance to be here. From Plattsburg and Tupper Lake all the way to Gloversville and Rome, New York. From Toronto and Kingston, Ontario, Canada to Montreal and Pte. Claire, Quebec, Canada and many towns in between.

We promote not only our event but also Ogdensburg as a tourist attraction. Tourism is an important goal for the city to achieve. The activities of Forsyth’s Rifles and the Fort La Presentation Board could be a weekend to coalesce around. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Dallas Robinson