Opinion: Raining on parade of greed, ignorance, says Parishville resident
Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 9:08 am

To the Editor:

In response to “Town is Getting Screwed Over by Council Members” which appeared in the April 4-10 issue of North Country This Week: It looks like the letter is written by Avangrid.

Every argument CCRP has offered, is in fact, fact. I wonder how many hours, or minutes, you’ve spent researching the issues and gathering data? But my assumption is based on hearing you speak at meetings, and deducing that you have not one original thought or fact.

That you would compare the bribery of Hopkinton residents by Avangrid, with accepting wages from an employer brought hearty laughter in our home when read aloud to the family. I guess you should be thanked for lightening the load of crap, by inserting this comedic comparison.

Parishville residents are entirely vested in what happens in Hopkinton, or any other nearby community. We absolutely will stick our noses in and insist on the right thing for the community, as decided by the majority.

So, much to your dismay, the residents of Parishville are raining on your parade of greed and ignorance. And if the majority rules, there should be a parade to celebrate the freedom of Democracy!

Angela Spear