Opinion: Protestors should make statement over climate, says Potsdam man
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 12:48 pm

In response to: “Opinion: Time For Young Protestors to Prove Their Cause” which appeared in the Oct. 2-8 issue of North Country This Week: I agree.

However, they should do it right! Make a statement. Not one organized and designed and ‘permitted’ by the administration, for 15 minutes. They should strike. Not go to school; or not enter the building that day, picket outside.

This isn’t a matter of being ‘polite’, following the rules. This is a situation, a global emergency calling for dramatic public outcry. No need for violence or abusive response, but yes make some noise. Grab the public’s attention.

The students should stand out, on their own terms, not towing the line and having a nice little showing which can be built up in the media and presented as ‘participating in the global climate strike’.

Locals, I have spoken with say the same thing, so I think I’m on track here.

Tom Whitesell