Opinion: Potsdam full of dog poop, no parking, dirty vents, says Winthrop resident
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 6:50 am

In August, my wife and I went to the farmers’ market in Potsdam, we won’t be going again.

The reason is that you had to look every time you stepped because of the dog poop.

I thought Potsdam had a place to walk your dogs.

We met some nice people and talked about their products enjoying ourselves.

Another problem in Potsdam is Canton-Potsdam Hospital doesn’t have enough parking space for cancer patients. Most of the time you have to park half a mile away and walk to the building. Especially after a 2.5 hour treatment, sometimes you are unable to do this.

Also, the hospital should clean the air conditioners and heating vents. Most of them are filthy.

Paul Charleson