Opinion: Parking lot needs better traffic flow, says Potsdam woman
Friday, November 8, 2019 - 10:00 am

I was thrilled when the new DD/KFC/convenient store opened on Route 11 near Clarkson. I love to start the day with DD coffee and I drive right by each morning. Perfect! The staff at the new DD is delightful…actually all the staff in all three areas are great.

So why am I voicing my opinion? The parking lot is a mess. There are two “entrances” to the parking lot and people drive however they please because there is no direction.

The entrance closest to Potsdam should be enter only; while the one closest to Canton should be exit only, This would alleviate many issues, ex: one exit would allow people to pick the appropriate lane for which they are turning and the flow of traffic would be smoother decreasing stress for all!

This is not a new way of thinking. This is not an unheard of request. I simply don’t understand why this hasn’t been done.

Susan C. Quinell